Ranjeeth K. Thunga a well-respected open-standards expert has partnered with long-time Policy Tree contributor R. Russell Ruggiero to create a large-scale White Paper on Strategy Markup Language StratML. This new piece exposes the value of this technology in both private and public sector deployments.

· Private Sector Focus: StratML could increase the ability to discover partners and customers, bridge heterogeneous platforms, gather feedback, and clarify intent, values, and objectives.

·  Public Sector Focus: StratML could be leveraged to augment technologies already in place to better deal with natural (e.g., earthquake, hurricane, etc.) and manmade (e.g., terrorist attack, oil spill, etc.) events.

The ability to play across both sectors is a strong draw as its ability to coexist with mature, new, and future technologies. From a discovery viewpoint, StratML can help organizations and individuals find potential partners that share common, or complementary, goals and objectives. In addition, it can facilitate stakeholder feedback for strategic goals and objectives, while providing centralized updating and maintenance of such information. Regarding open-standards, machine-readable formats like StratML can better adapt to changes and promote a true agnostic IT landscape.

On the topic of social media, it is abundantly clear that organizations which effectively leverage social networks are likely to gain a distinct advantage over those that do not. Social networks that incorporate a standard like StratML can demonstrate even sharper advantages by enabling far more effective discovery and alignment for public and private organizations alike.

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