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StratML Portal – StratML Exchange – StratML Master Repository

StratML Portal – StratML Exchange – StratML Master Repository w/NIMS examples report co-authored by Russell Ruggiero and Ranjeeth K. Thunga is meant to leverage the various alignment capabilities of StratML in the Enterprise. It tries to connect the dots between concept and deployment…. Continue Reading →

Emergency Services Operational Net-Centric Pattern

By Rex Brooks The Emergency Services Operational Pattern describes the prescriptive operational pattern for a set of discrete but interrelated communications services based on the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards. These data-interoperability standards have been developed by… Continue Reading →

Lies, Damned Lies and Food Safety

By Dan Strongin A handful of epidemiologists applied probability theory to a hodgepodge of data to come up with a number of cases of food-borne illness annually in the United States. The number they come up with is over 9… Continue Reading →

StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud

By Ranjeeth K. Thunga StratML is an XML language used to capture strategy information of an organization in an open, standard, machine-readable format. The vision of StratML is to help lead to “A worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results.” This… Continue Reading →

StratML: Private & Public Sector Uses

Ranjeeth K. Thunga a well-respected open-standards expert has partnered with long-time Policy Tree contributor R. Russell Ruggiero to create a large-scale White Paper on Strategy Markup Language StratML. This new piece exposes the value of this technology in both private… Continue Reading →

IT Deployments in Heterogeneous Environments

By Russell Ruggiero Being involved in public and private technology deployments that ranged from concepts to large-scale efforts (10,000+ seats) has been quite the eye opener over the past fifteen years. In the process I have worked with open-standards organizations… Continue Reading →

HB 7.0 (Dinner for One and Two AC Outlets for my Digital Devices)

By R. Russell Ruggiero with Restaurant Insights by Gary Nellis Excerpt: I must be old school because I focus on the company I am with, and food that is served when I go out to eat. If I want to… Continue Reading →

HB 3.0 (New Testing Methods to Access Human Behavioral Changes due to Digital Devices)

By R. Russell Ruggiero Excerpt: We as humans are ever changing and the Internet is only making these changes occur at an ever more accelerated pace. There are many important benefits in leveraging the Internet such as speeding research, connecting… Continue Reading →

Research Report HB 2.0: Human Behavior (Isolation from the Physical World)

The term “Social Media” is one that is currently popular and most often misunderstood. It is really interaction via keyboard or touchscreen, and not in person. Make no mistake, these new forms of communication provide tremendous value, but they also… Continue Reading →

Research Report HB 1.01 Human Behavior: How Interaction Has Changed Since 2000

Humans have not changed physically in millions of years, but our behavioral patterns as a whole have done so in recent years. There was quite a bit of media hype leading up to Year 2000, and as a result millions… Continue Reading →

The Revitalization of America

The Revitalization of America is a large-scale report by Rex Brooks, Russell Ruggiero, and Matthew Harang. This is the second major effort by this writing team, and the new report touches upon a number of key topics which directly impact… Continue Reading →

Has the U.S. Housing Market Turned the Corner?

By Russell Ruggiero The recent $88,000,000 sale of 15 Central Park West in Manhattan was not a good indicator regarding the overall health of the national housing market. For a better barometer, well respected reports such as the Case –… Continue Reading →

The 2011 California Landscape (Transportation)

Rex Brooks, Russell Ruggiero and Matthew Harang present this extensive report on the state of transportation in California. The study examines problems and issues faced at the metropolitan and regional levels, and provides possible solutions to some of these complex… Continue Reading →

Gas prices push Angelinos to look for more transit options

By Matthew Harang In a trend that has worsened over the past several years, ever-increasing gas prices are now approaching 5 dollars per gallon in many Southern California communities. The average gas price for Los Angeles County is $4.36, much higher than… Continue Reading →

Britain may see its AAA rating lowered

By Tasmia Akkas February 17, 2012 AAA rating is a badge of honour, suggesting if a country maintains its AAA status, the economy has hope and something will pick up. However a new EU report has named and shamed Britain… Continue Reading →

Let’s Work Together: A Call for Bipartisanship in a Struggling Economy

This study is a joint effort of one Democrat and one Republican with the common goal of appealing to government officials in Washington D.C. and across the nation to put aside political differences for the good of the nation and… Continue Reading →

HS2 – Fast track to economical success or the slow train to economic failure?

By Tasmia Akkas The British government has proposed a ‘railway revolution’ entitled HS2 and declared to spend £32.7 billion on a high-speed rail link from London to Manchester and Leeds. Although HS2 may seem like project that will boost our… Continue Reading →

American Competitiveness in the 21st Century

The issue of American competitiveness in technology, science, engineering, education, mathematics, etc., is a crucial one. Unfortunately this issue is usually neglected in light of issues that seem to be more expedient. In this paper Michael Passiment analyzes the issue… Continue Reading →

Obama to reduce student loan payments for millions of students

By Matthew Harang Many students will be singing the praises of the Obama administration for enacting a law that will effectively reduce student loan repayments for millions of people in debt.The new policy, which will take effect in January, reduces… Continue Reading →

U.S. playing the role of whistleblower in Libyan conflict

By Ben Hernandez, Jr. As the battle to usurp complete control of Libya rages on for the rebels, the United States has discreetly been playing the role of whistleblower.  With news that the family of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi… Continue Reading →

Libya Taking a Generalist Perspective with Post-Gaddafi Government

By Ben Hernandez, Jr. Naturally, our different media outlets have been inundated with the rebel uprising in Libya this past week—a steady flow of video footage and images—soldiers reveling in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi with celebratory firing of automatic… Continue Reading →

The Growing College Debt Crisis

By Scott Schneider The idea that higher education is the only way to get ahead in a competitive society isn’t a new concept.  In fact, it’s probably something that has been programmed into many of us at an early age. … Continue Reading →

Government Without Walls: The Internet and Government Organizations

Approximately 15 years ago, most government agencies barely had an Internet presence.  In that short time frame, government organizations have made great strides.  By the year 2000, estimates are that 90 percent of goverments already has a precense online. Policy Analyst… Continue Reading →

Embracing Reengineering in the Public Sector

By Scott Schneider Reengineering –a multi-step process in which organizations critically examine their internal work processes, compare them to those of known industry leaders, and plan ways to radically redesign them.  Reengineering is a structured method for an organization to examine… Continue Reading →

Expo light rail line to strengthen L.A. transportation network

By Matthew Harang It has been hard to miss the construction along Exposition Boulevard in Los Angeles over the past couple years. The good news is that the Expo Light Rail Line is in the final stages of development, and… Continue Reading →

Rethinking the right to bear arms as L.A. City Council supports new gun policy

By Matthew Harang The Los Angeles City Council voted on Friday, in a unanimous decision to support new legislation regarding the purchasing records of shotguns, rifles and other “long” weaponry. Former L.A. City Councilman and current California state assemblyman, Mike… Continue Reading →

L.A. Unified School Board approves new reading curriculum

By Matthew Harang March 29, 2011 Decision-makers in the Los Angeles Unified School District met Tuesday to vote on important curriculum that will be used in the city’s elementary schools. The board voted to suspend the use of the current lesson plan,… Continue Reading →

L.A. students walk out of classes to support teachers facing layoffs

By Matthew Harang The California budget crisis is being felt throughout the state in all sectors of government. The Los Angeles Unified School District is planning to layoff over 7,000 faculty members in local schools, the L.A. Times reported. Other school districts across the… Continue Reading →

Licensing laws questioned after drunk driver with 16 recent tickets kills cyclist

By Matthew Harang A 22-year-old woman with a long history of traffic violations was arrested after allegedly killing a bicyclist at about 6pm Monday evening. Danae Marie Miller, who was traveling east on San Joaquin Hills Road, near the intersection… Continue Reading →

Energy Policy: An Overview and Examination of Energy Alternatives

The inability of the United States to adopt an appropriate energy policy is quite understandable. The truth is hat there are few issues and few aspects of American society that are not affected by our national energy policy. From the… Continue Reading →

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