As the New Year rolls around the corner, quite a few of us make New Year’s resolutions to help us cope well for a better life for the coming year. One such example is letting go of clutter and making a home or office a more workable space to exist and work in. Living in a more organized space makes life simpler and easier to live in.

Creating significant and valuable organizational skills can eliminate one from having a messy and unproductive life, giving one a life more self-suited for tranquil living. My friends would tell me things like I am too tidy, everything is placed so neatly and nicely in its place, you contain such an immaculate living space, and your home looks beautiful. To live any other way would be unproductive, sloppy and chaotic.

In today’s environment one lives in, there is stress, lack of time to do the things that are important, a fast and impatient life style and quick living. Wouldn’t it be easier to live in a living space devoid of clutter and having items in their proper place, creating a neater and organized dwelling to live in? To help one achieve this type of atmosphere in their home, apartment, or workspace, I will give some examples to an easier life style in creating a space that can be much easier to live or work in.

-Starting with the kitchen, glass jars are preferable to store items in rather than plastic or cardboard boxes. Food stays fresher and healthier and there is not the breakdown of plastic which food can absorb. Too, glass containers are cleaner and eliminate bugs from entering its contents.

-Use tap water. If a water filter is necessary, there are many products on the market to choose from. Having less water bottles in our environment creates a better ecological impact.

-Recycle paper and plastic from foodstuff.  Food stuff is biodegradable whereas other refuse is not or takes longer to break down.

-Keep counters hygienically clean from dirt with a small amount of white vinegar added to a large amount of warm water. For granite counter tops use lukewarm water with a soft cotton cloth.

-Arrange food in the refrigerator so as to be able to decipher what is on each shelf. Again, glass containers are best to use for food.

-Keep cupboards clean and organized and check for expiration dates. If there is more than one or more of the same item, be sure to rotate so the expiration date is in proper sequence, having the newer item behind the older product.

-Wash down the handle of the refrigerator with a teaspoon full of white vinegar added to a warm water solution. Most germs are on the handle to the refrigerator due to the various family members using it.

-Look through your closet and let go of the many outfits that have not been worn in ages and donate them to your favorite charity. I have even put clothing in a bag and put it on the street for someone to take.

-Cleaning glass is so simple- Make a solution by applying a very small portion of white vinegar and add warm water to this and then use a sponge to wash down a window or mirror. Use newspaper to dry off the surface and voila! You have a perfectly clean mirror or window without the use of expensive and toxic chemicals.

-Letting go of papers, books and other paper products can be a fun and challenging job. Donate books to your favorite charity or offer them to a library.

-Create a filing system that best facilitates one’s needs. To have piles of paper strewn all around is unproductive, a fire hazard, and a place for dust mites. One does not have to save so many papers as in the past, due to the Internet. As most everything can be found on it, one does not have to save so much paper information as in the past.

These are but a few examples that can be a good start for a new year and throughout. You will not only have less accumulation of things, but you will get pleasure giving back to the community items that have been doing absolutely no usefulness to you and you will have less stress in your life because you are working towards simplifying your life.

Have an organized and fruitful 2017!