The resurgence of crafts and art due to the Covid-19 lockdown is exhilarating. Crafts and art are alright to delve into now. I say this cynically, because of some of our educator’s attitudes towards these subjects. There are those that feel that studying the arts are of little importance to a child’s development. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today I had an experience I want to share. I went to a store that carries craft and art supplies to purchase paper. Yes, some brick and mortar stores do still exist. The clerk actually apologized for out of stock items that are an
everyday staple in their store. Too, there were empty areas on the shelves that were lacking product. She further continued telling me there was a surge in purchasing supplies, because many children are at home now.

Even though what I needed was out of stock, I was elated to hear this good news not only for the store, but also that children were having an art or craft experience at home. Maybe, just maybe there is a realization on the importance, the challenge, and the fun of creating. That some educational institutions have eliminated these subjects from their school’s curriculum is unfair and a disservice to any child.

I only hope that when life mellows out, some of our educators will have a
change of heart. Hopefully they will realize the importance of implementing the arts into their curriculum and that they will understand that teaching these subjects aids in a child’s development in a positive way. Self expression is a significant building block in aiding in the confidence and in the shaping of ideas for a child.

Patricia C. Bischof

I am an artist, writer and teacher.


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