George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He wanted to defeat the British, and he accomplished that in the Battle of Yorktown. George Washington allied with the French in order to trap British General Charles Cornwallis because it was an American Revolutionary War. It took three weeks straight of artillery that George Washington’s troops attacked the British and forced British Cornwallis to surrender: “Finally in 1781 with the aid of French allies–he forced the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown” (George Washington 1). The patriots are representation of the thirteen colonies who wanted freedom from the British. George Washington as the commander-in-chief led the Continental Army and the French troops in Yorktown. This marked the war that led to United States of America’s Independence. ¬¬The Continental Army represented the thirteen colonies that does not want to be under the rule of British anymore as well. ¬¬¬The American Revolutionary War was led by George Washington because he knew he finally needed to take down Britain even if it meant six years.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton along with Susan B. Anthony in 1863 started the National Women’s Loyal League, and the effort was to abolish slavery. The National Women Loyal League’s purpose was to have equal rights for women and reinforce the emancipation because its campaign was to create an amendment that would stop slavery. The thirteenth amendment was to abolish slavery. Not only is Elizabeth Cady Stanton an abolitionist but a suffrage leader. She contributed to the passage of the 19th amendment as well, which was to give women the right to vote. Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized a group that would defend emancipation and enfranchisement for better times for those who were slaves. She also wanted the divorce law liberation and the “right to self-sovereignty” to exercise the freedom for women not to be tied to forced marriages and prevent unsolicited pregnancies: “In the late 1860s, she began to advocate what she called the ‘right to self-sovereignty’-women should take deliberate measures to avoid becoming pregnant” (Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1). The distastefulness of restraining freedom for schools to be on Sundays and for one religion caused her to fight for freedom for women. It was freedom to choose faith and to protect oneself physically.
Amendments to the U.S. constitution as revealed is fruitful because of America’s early heroes such as George Washington and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They set precedent for the history of the United States of America because they valued liberty. Liberty in a national level as well as a local level because patriots of the thirteen colonies did not want to be treated unfairly under the rule of the British with regards to being taxed differently than the British fellows, and the challenging the limitations upon women such as women wanted to be able to vote as well.

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