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Rex Brooks

Emergency Services Operational Net-Centric Pattern

By Rex Brooks The Emergency Services Operational Pattern describes the prescriptive operational pattern for a set of discrete but interrelated communications services based on the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards. These data-interoperability standards have been developed by… Continue Reading →

The Revitalization of America

The Revitalization of America is a large-scale report by Rex Brooks, Russell Ruggiero, and Matthew Harang. This is the second major effort by this writing team, and the new report touches upon a number of key topics which directly impact… Continue Reading →

The 2011 California Landscape (Transportation)

Rex Brooks, Russell Ruggiero and Matthew Harang present this extensive report on the state of transportation in California. The study examines problems and issues faced at the metropolitan and regional levels, and provides possible solutions to some of these complex… Continue Reading →

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