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Audra Oul

Proposition 13

Homeowners want to keep their homes, so they do not want too high of a property tax. Proposition 13 was a referendum, which “imposed a 2 percent limit on yearly increases in assessments” (Haberman 2016). Prop 13 also cannot skyrocket… Continue Reading →

New Rules on Calorie-Labeling on Menus

Consumers are at an advantage when they are informed about what they are eating. Knowing their calories intake would enable them to monitor their diet. Calories reveal the amount of energy found in the food. This could allow consumers to… Continue Reading →

Heroes: America’s Trailblazing Leaders

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He wanted to defeat the British, and he accomplished that in the Battle of Yorktown. George Washington allied with the French in order to trap British General Charles… Continue Reading →

Affordable Care Act for Native Americans 

Health care is the uttermost importance in every family in the United States. Many Native Americans have health care from Indian health facilities. The problem with this is that they cannot perform emergency operations, so Native Americans are forced to… Continue Reading →

Keystone Pipeline XL Project

I took the national survey recently in the month of May 2015, and I support the Keystone XL pipeline project because of the creation of jobs for America and the creation of the advanced system of pipelines. The national survey was from the… Continue Reading →

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