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Is Art Having A Resurgence?

The resurgence of crafts and art due to the Covid-19 lockdown is exhilarating. Crafts and art are alright to delve into now. I say this cynically, because of some of our educator’s attitudes towards these subjects. There are those that… Continue Reading →

Where is the Noise?

Never would I have thought this before, nor even have typed this on my computer. I usually walk everyday to get my exercise. On this day I picked walking  north up Park Avenue. I did this because there were less… Continue Reading →

Proposition 13

Homeowners want to keep their homes, so they do not want too high of a property tax. Proposition 13 was a referendum, which “imposed a 2 percent limit on yearly increases in assessments” (Haberman 2016). Prop 13 also cannot skyrocket… Continue Reading →

Organizing for 2017

As the New Year rolls around the corner, quite a few of us make New Year’s resolutions to help us cope well for a better life for the coming year. One such example is letting go of clutter and making… Continue Reading →

New Rules on Calorie-Labeling on Menus

Consumers are at an advantage when they are informed about what they are eating. Knowing their calories intake would enable them to monitor their diet. Calories reveal the amount of energy found in the food. This could allow consumers to… Continue Reading →

NIST-StratML: Common Ground

By R. Russell Ruggiero   Introduction In our world today it seems like manmade (e.g., terrorist attacks, oil spills, etc.) and natural (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, etc.) driven events are becoming even more common place. As a resident of Manhattan… Continue Reading →

Landfill: The Tale of City by the Bay

We as humans tend to think we can fool Mother Nature, but really the joke is on us because what Mother Nature wants to do, she will do. I happened to be in Houston, Texas during the month of April,… Continue Reading →

Signs, What Do You Say?

A recent Supreme Court case (Reed et al. v. Town of Gilbert Arizona) further defined the application of the First Amendment protection of free speech and the regulation of signage. In this case, the town requires permits for all signs… Continue Reading →

Heroes: America’s Trailblazing Leaders

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He wanted to defeat the British, and he accomplished that in the Battle of Yorktown. George Washington allied with the French in order to trap British General Charles… Continue Reading →

Affordable Care Act for Native Americans 

Health care is the uttermost importance in every family in the United States. Many Native Americans have health care from Indian health facilities. The problem with this is that they cannot perform emergency operations, so Native Americans are forced to… Continue Reading →

Human Behavior 9.0: How the Mind Adapts to Long Distance Travel Destinations

Introduction While my heavily modified Klein Quantum road bike is great for short treks, it is not the ideal choice for domestic or international travel. As a result, I must take airplanes to better deal with my long-distance travel needs…. Continue Reading →

Keystone Pipeline XL Project

I took the national survey recently in the month of May 2015, and I support the Keystone XL pipeline project because of the creation of jobs for America and the creation of the advanced system of pipelines. The national survey was from the… Continue Reading →

StratML: Aligning Strategies for a Better Future

By Matthew Harang and Dan Strongin In many ways, communication is the cornerstone of civilization. After all, it is humans unique ability to communicate on endless levels that sets us apart from other species. In today’s fast paced world, information… Continue Reading →

Why Ownership Matters

A little over a decade ago, in 2004 to be exact, the subject of ownership in democratic capitalist society was raised as a national political issue. Attribution goes to President George W. Bush, as he was campaigning for a second… Continue Reading →

Alcoholics finally land a career – the power & perils of corporate branding; judging on the Internet

by Gary S. Nellis I came across a recent posting in one of the several online company rating sites that really got my attention.  From time to time I check into these sites to keep tabs on the ebb &… Continue Reading →

The Price of Tea in China

  By Gary S. Nellis   I was a 19 year-old aspiring photojournalist on a trip abroad, the intention of which was to, well, photograph the world.  My girlfriend and I had been classmates in high school, and reconnected with… Continue Reading →

Help, Our Earth Is Tumbling!

By Patricia C. Bischof The tiny birds hopping around on their diminutive feet are chirping away, playing with their food dropped or fed by pedestrians who have walked by on this very beautiful blissful sunny day. This small park is… Continue Reading →

Pollution From An Artist’s Perspective

By Patricia C. Bischof At this moment, why don’t you go look into your clothes’ closet! How many of any one clothing item might you have accumulated because of the need to have the newest version of that item? As… Continue Reading →

StratML Portal – StratML Exchange – StratML Master Repository

StratML Portal – StratML Exchange – StratML Master Repository w/NIMS examples report co-authored by Russell Ruggiero and Ranjeeth K. Thunga is meant to leverage the various alignment capabilities of StratML in the Enterprise. It tries to connect the dots between concept and deployment…. Continue Reading →

Emergency Services Operational Net-Centric Pattern

By Rex Brooks The Emergency Services Operational Pattern describes the prescriptive operational pattern for a set of discrete but interrelated communications services based on the Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) suite of standards. These data-interoperability standards have been developed by… Continue Reading →

Lies, Damned Lies and Food Safety

By Dan Strongin A handful of epidemiologists applied probability theory to a hodgepodge of data to come up with a number of cases of food-borne illness annually in the United States. The number they come up with is over 9… Continue Reading →

StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud

By Ranjeeth K. Thunga StratML is an XML language used to capture strategy information of an organization in an open, standard, machine-readable format. The vision of StratML is to help lead to “A worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results.” This… Continue Reading →

StratML: Private & Public Sector Uses

Ranjeeth K. Thunga a well-respected open-standards expert has partnered with long-time Policy Tree contributor R. Russell Ruggiero to create a large-scale White Paper on Strategy Markup Language StratML. This new piece exposes the value of this technology in both private… Continue Reading →

IT Deployments in Heterogeneous Environments

By Russell Ruggiero Being involved in public and private technology deployments that ranged from concepts to large-scale efforts (10,000+ seats) has been quite the eye opener over the past fifteen years. In the process I have worked with open-standards organizations… Continue Reading →

HB 7.0 (Dinner for One and Two AC Outlets for my Digital Devices)

By R. Russell Ruggiero with Restaurant Insights by Gary Nellis Excerpt: I must be old school because I focus on the company I am with, and food that is served when I go out to eat. If I want to… Continue Reading →

HB 3.0 (New Testing Methods to Access Human Behavioral Changes due to Digital Devices)

By R. Russell Ruggiero Excerpt: We as humans are ever changing and the Internet is only making these changes occur at an ever more accelerated pace. There are many important benefits in leveraging the Internet such as speeding research, connecting… Continue Reading →

Research Report HB 2.0: Human Behavior (Isolation from the Physical World)

The term “Social Media” is one that is currently popular and most often misunderstood. It is really interaction via keyboard or touchscreen, and not in person. Make no mistake, these new forms of communication provide tremendous value, but they also… Continue Reading →

Research Report HB 1.01 Human Behavior: How Interaction Has Changed Since 2000

Humans have not changed physically in millions of years, but our behavioral patterns as a whole have done so in recent years. There was quite a bit of media hype leading up to Year 2000, and as a result millions… Continue Reading →

U.S. playing the role of whistleblower in Libyan conflict

By Ben Hernandez, Jr. As the battle to usurp complete control of Libya rages on for the rebels, the United States has discreetly been playing the role of whistleblower.  With news that the family of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi… Continue Reading →

Libya Taking a Generalist Perspective with Post-Gaddafi Government

By Ben Hernandez, Jr. Naturally, our different media outlets have been inundated with the rebel uprising in Libya this past week—a steady flow of video footage and images—soldiers reveling in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi with celebratory firing of automatic… Continue Reading →

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